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BTC Pharmaceuticals Technology Co,.Ltd. is located in Building B8, Haimen Biotech and Pharmaceutical park, the total area is 6000 m2, the major business focus on process development, optimization, scale-up and production, also customerized-product. BTCpharm has 5 synthetic lab., 2 analytical lab., 1 process safety lab. and pilot plant.
BTCpharm always uphold the customer first, quality first principle, to provide high quality product and service to customers and to become the best supplier to customers.
BTCpharm has more experienced R&D person who are engaged in chemical industry for long periods; some of them are senior professionals, who are engaged in high-end and novel products developments as well as technological research and reformation. The others are technical staff, with veteran work experiences on technology transfer and application, engineering support and on-site management. With strong capability of R&D and technical transformation, BTCpharm has set up a stabile platform successfully on transforming its fruits from science to technology, technology to final products.
Analytical instrument includes HPLC (Waters), LC-MS(Agilent), GC(Shimadzu), KF,etc. and also industrial park provide the analytical platform, include NMR, HPLC,GC, GC-MS, etc. So it can provide strong support for R&D research work.
Pilot plant has 15 sets of 10~200L normal reactor, 3 sets of distillation reactor and 3 sets of tray dryers, etc. and the temperature range can be from -100℃ to 200℃. BTCpharm has an experienced production team, and can make sure the process scale-up is successfully.

At present,BTCpharm has 1 invention patent,2 practical new patent,2 invention patents are under the approval.

By now,BTCpharm has developed flourine series,naphthalenone series,long chain acid and alcohol series ect.The most process are the pioneering,specially in flourine series.

North America: Please contact Wilson via +1(469)481-6137 or +1(682)521-6482, Email: [email protected]                       China:  Please contact Miss Guo via +86-0513-68015397; +86-0513-68015396 Phone: +86-13706281013  Fax: +86-0513-68015394 Email: [email protected]                                 

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