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The first: we have a professional workshop put Chinese kg
All of our products can be enlarged production, providing kilograms and tons of products. Because we have our own GMP class Chinese enlarged workshop, there are a number of excellent and efficient production teams.

The second: We have professional R & D team to open up our process route
In kg, based on the amplification experiments, we have professional R & D team to support it. Our team get through the process route and process optimization on the road has a great advantage!

2.Quliaty and Safety


Btcpharm insists on performing comprehensive and strict quality management system and our company is currently applying for ISO9001 certification.

Environmental safety

Btcpharm adheres the concept of sustainable development. We will soon pass ISO14000,OSHA 18000 certification to constantly               improve the EHS performance.We continuously improve production technology and management system and practice compliance to daily work. Our company insists on protecting environment, ensuring employees health and safety, at the same time, observing social responsibility of corporate.


North America: Please contact Wilson via +1(469)481-6137 or +1(682)521-6482, Email: [email protected]                       China:  Please contact Miss Guo via +86-0513-68015397; +86-0513-68015396 Phone: +86-13706281013  Fax: +86-0513-68015394 Email: [email protected]                                 

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