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BTC PHARM Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development in the field of pharmaceutical and biological technology. Haimen environmental protection agency had given an official reply of EIA.(Haimen approval[2016] NO.84) Waste water in production process is mainly domestic sewage and the waste water has achieved Integrated Wastewater discharge Standard (GB8978-1996) Level Three, and then take over into Ling Dian Industry Cluster Zone sewage treatment plant centralizing treatment. Waste gas is mainly organic waste gas, TVOC, acid and alkali waste gas  in experimental process. Waste gas is handled by alkali liquor spray and activated carbon adsorption. The handled waste gas has achieved The Integrated Emission Standard of Air Pollutants (GB16297-1996) level two and then pass through 20m high vent. The solid waste during experiment is handled safe and zero release.
Our company adheres to the concept of sustainable development. We have passed the ISO14001 environment such as quality system certification of ISO9001 OHSAS 18001. In daily production, the company strictly implements all of environmental protection measures and commits to corporate social responsibility.

Picture 1 BTC Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Exhaust Treatment Device

North America: Please contact Wilson via +1(469)481-6137 or +1(682)521-6482, Email: [email protected]                       China:  Please contact Miss Guo via +86-0513-68015397; +86-0513-68015396 Phone: +86-13706281013  Fax: +86-0513-68015394 Email: [email protected]                                 

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